Trescobeas Road, Falmouth bathroom installation.

by | Bathrooms

This bathroom involved a full rip out of the existing shower, sanitary ware, tiles and associated materials. I rerouted the existing waste pipework and radiator pipework to accommodate the new positions of the bathroom appliances as requested by my customer.

The stud walls had to be reboarded to replace the damaged plasterboard from removing the tiles. I also studded the back window wall off to square up the bathroom walls and enable a niche to be fitted in the shower. This also meant the new shower tray fitted perfectly wall to wall without the need for a fillet panel at the end.

The whole bathroom was then panelled using Splash panel in the concrete matte colour and new coving along the top. Quick step flooring was fitted to compliment the new Calypso furniture arrangement with floating toilet. The new towel rail was fitted underneath the window and a new electric shower with air boost to give the shower that little extra power.