Bohelland Road Boiler Installation

by | Heating

This boiler installation involved a complete update from a 30 year old heating system. All existing heating pipework, radiators, hot water cylinder and old floor standing boiler from the basement was removed.

We installed a complete new heating system with hidden pipework underneath the house and installed a brand new modern high efficiency combination boiler in the upstair airing cupboard. The boiler flue was routed up through the attic space of the bungalow and through the roof. All new high efficiency radiators were then installed in each room to keep the place toasty throughout the winter.

The heating system was zoned so that the bedrooms can be controlled to a completely different temperature as the living areas.

The new boiler not only offers lower gas bills through the efficiency rating but due to the instantaneous hot water demand you won’t waste gas by heating water that isn’t needed.